What's about IV:MP? Is there still something working?

Hello everybody!
I am a mod developper, on all GTAs but most of my work is in GTA IV. I released a street bikes stunt ridding mod with a lot of tunable bikes, stunt tricks, and reworked handling.

We recently converted some of our bikes on GTA V and put them onto our FiveReborn server, and we have worked a lot of time on handling but this is still borring comparated to what we can do on GTA 4.
And then the handling stuff cause some disturbing visual bugs… We have no skills to convert animations and script for gta five… so we would like to open a server like on FiveReborn but on GTA 4. i searched on google for Ctitzen IV:MP and others multiplayers but i found nothing we can deal with.
Someone know more about it? Is there still a way to play multiplayer with our mod?
Sorry if already asked, but only thing i found about it on Citizen community is a dev saying it is only possible on now. but how?

There is a multiplayer from CitizenFX for GTA:IV


Oh man i love you!! :kissing_heart: (nohomo)
I will try this right now! Thanks you sooooo much!
Edit: i think i will have to wait a bit there is no tutorials on how to make script .lua on GTA 4 and no tutorials for open a server, i try the same way as FiveReborn but it dosen’t work. Maybe is there a tool to convert my .net script into lua? Or i have to restart everything?