What resource is this from?

Hi all. I just stood up a new server that had resources bundled in (Ribs 3.4) Ribs support were no help as they all said they did not know what this was or ever saw it, yet i downloaded complete resource files from them and stood up a completely fresh server. The very first moment i loaded into my server, this was at the bottom right of the screen. This UI thing just sits there, cant get rid of it, or use it in any way and it never changes. Ive been trying to figure out what resource produces this image as a UI element so i can turn off that resource. I did try searching for every image type in my resource folder and couldnt find an image that looks anything like this.


Pre-made server packs aren’t allowed, let alone paid ones. With that being said you probably aren’t going to get much help as for that but also because how is anyone else supposed to know where it’s from.