What release is Actually like

Loading into the city, you will be entinced with fancy features and nice charector customization. Once wasting 30 minutes of your time making a high quality charector for this “great whitelist server” you will then notice you have spawned a minimum of a 15 minute run just to get to take your drivers license. After taking the extremely vague and pointless driving test, you then need to run an additional 15 minutes to the nearest car dealer and spent your entire starting balance on a 04 honda civic that despawns more than your dad in your tramautic childhood. assuming all of aforementioned actually “worked” you are now dead broke, have a vehicle that leaves you faster than a mans soul after a nut tap and absolutely no clue on what the hell to do in the city and few or no known possibilities of making any type of money. Also once you lose that civic, have fun running and figuring out if glass bottles or metal sells for more… I think the owners of the city have a lot of different and extremely good ideas, but i dont think there is enough foundation for what they are trying to accomplish. With all this negativity aside, Yes I would reccomend the city because it only released today and it has amazing potential and although i had nothing good to say about the city, that does not mean i dont think its visions are good or the people in it are bad, and with some time, and stronger more intuitive scripting on the base mechanics of where people are starting it would make for an extremely enjoyable experience.

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