What do you think about limiting fivem keys?

Good morning.

As you know, a few days ago CFX limited the number of active keys without prior notice (from 10 they became 3). So here’s a dilemma What about the people we pay for the Aurum club or Platinum club? We were supposedly offered up to a maximum of 10 keys (in my case I have multiple servers).

I understand that they do this in order to avoid the resale of keys, but they are also facing a scam crime, as knowing that they would reduce the maximum number of active keys to 70% less, we would not have paid to have special keys. I think this should be thought by most of the community.

What do you think about this topic?


I’d like to voice my opinion.

  1. Nobody, including myself, was ever promised 10 keys. Whether with or without Patreon benefits
  2. I personally run 3 public servers. These servers all require their own key. But what about local development? I have access to all benefits on a non Element Club account as I use <8 slots on it. That’s all you need
  3. I saw that there will be an opportunity for some people to request access to more keys if they have a very viable use case.

Personally, I am fine with this change.

As a moderator I am constantly banning accounts. Over the past two days I suspended over 150 accounts together with @hallux. This work should not be needed and I am happy about changes to combat illegal activity.

As a server owner I am content as well. I have 3 servers and they all are able to have a key. Moreover many community have 3 or less public servers so I think for 99% of the community it’s fine. Also using another account with a key for local development is fine. Just one time setup.

As a player I am also very happy. Now there will be less servers with illegal activity populating the server list. I am able to better filter and gauge good vs bad communities.


Of course, but now I can’t register new keys for local development, because if I’m programming I don’t want to use a 32-slot key with a new account, because I have to try new clothes from ems, police … and unfortunately a 32-slot key doesn’t allow you to see that.

I still think that reducing from 10 to 3 keys has been a bad idea. If it had been reduced to 5 it would be much better.

I insist, in real life I am a criminologist and these radical measures have a rebound effect.

It happens as with the eternal debate where it is discussed whether to give greater freedom or greater security. What is better, more security or more freedom? If you give more freedom, people will commit more crimes, but if you give more security, people will feel oppressed and commit crimes too.

There must be a balance and not go to one extreme or the other.

Like I said, using 8 slots or less you can :slight_smile:

No. I used to use a 32-slot key for a long time and I couldn’t see certain clothes, because patreon is needed.

Yes? This literally changed at the same time as the 3-key policy was instituted. If you set your slot count to 8 or less, you can use clothing addons perfectly fine with any feature policy set.

Also, there’s no such thing as ‘32-slot keys’, the default without any server feature policy is 48.

That measure is going to bring quite a few problems in the short term.

Ending a problem in the bud does not mean that it is fixed.

When something is prohibited or restricted in a very harsh way, it is often violated more than you think.

Now that we are with the coronavirus problem. In my case, in Spain, we were in a state of alarm (prohibition to leave the house) and people went out even more times.

Surely if you need above the additional keys you can email CFX with sufficient reasoning?

Limiting keys is a good solution, but better solution might be a cancelling keys at all and make everything for free.

Yes check Keymaster limit is now 3 keys per account
You will be able to apply if you want to excess the limit.

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Yeah, would be a better solution, if others didn’t make money off of the project even if we’d make shit for free entirely.

Would you like releasing something for free as a community project, only to see everyone else profiting off of it and you not getting a single cent? Because we tried that for the first two years, it didn’t really work well, so yeah…

Also, you can get ‘everything for free’ yourself easily if you put in the effort to build your server from source and change one single line of code.


When will you post the link to request key extension?

I still think that it has been a serious mistake to reduce the creation of keys by 70%.

Hello. I saw that my request to extend keys was rejected.

I insist that if 10 keys were offered and they have been reduced to 3, this will cause great discomfort in users.

I don’t want to create a second account to register a new key.

What do you mean by illegal provider?
I know that a specific server works in roozserver

Yea that’s illegal. Providers that are using the FiveM name for profit are illegal as per Terms of Service.

What do you mean “I know a specific server works in roozserver”? Who’s server?

Just create a second account with a single license key for local development. Seriously, the request form even said that “local development” doesn’t qualify.

Anyway, I have given you a very extensive reason as to why it was rejected. It’s not to be discussed in public or anywhere private. A rejection is a rejection. You were never promised 10 keys and creating a second account for some a local key is a one time process.