What data_files go with what meta files? (more specifically what data_file would go with the vehicleweapons_x02.meta file?)

I’m trying to add the weapons onto X-02S Strike Wyvern for my server because I don’t want it to be weaponless but I don’t know what data_file would go with vehicleweapons_x02.meta. I think I’ve got all the other ones down, but if someone could give me a rundown of what data_files go with what meta files that would be awesome.

:bulb: check the dlc content.xml file

Ah ok. I matched them up with the date_fiiles in the content.xml file which seemed to have solved some issues. The machine gun and the rail gun work fine, but the missiles do not and the customization seems to be missing too. I’ve got the plane in story mode and it has all of that. Any reason it could only have some things in FiveM? Is this vehicle in particular just not fully compatible with FiveM?

Specify the data files in the same order they appear in the list at the bottom of content.xml, in the content change sets.

The customization work now but the missiles still won’t budge. I’ve noticed there are some other items in the content change sets that I don’t have and couldn’t find in the Wyvern folder.




Should I have to worry about these? If so, where could I find the %PLATFORM% folder?

Content of .rpf files should just be directly thrown into stream/ hierarchy.

I think I was missing some rpf files I needed to put in the stream folder in order to make those missiles work. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be working now is that the missiles don’t seem to glow like they do in story mode, but I can live with that. It’s not that big of a deal. But anyways, everything should be fine now. Thank you a ton for the help!

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