What are the Rules for adult content?

I see adult content in Fivem/Redm in different servers, forums and discord.
I saw an official article on this forum about adult content but I don’t really remember the conclusion.

What are the exact rules imposed by cfx and/or Rockstar regarding adult content ?
And is it possible for script creators to offer/sell sex scripts ?

Who could be at fault, the users, the founder of the server or the content creators.
This subject is vague and deserves to be clarified.

Thanks in advance

Cfx’s Stance on Adult Content:

Cfx has clear policies against adult content in their services. The Terms of Service explicitly prohibit distributing or posting content that is deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, pornographic, or adult in nature.

Rockstar Games’ Policy:

While Rockstar Games has created mature-rated games, they have their own set of guidelines and rules, especially concerning modding. Generally, they do not support mods that include offensive, obscene, or sexually explicit content.

As far as I understand, selling ERP-related scripts is not allowed. GTA 5 itself has plenty of exposed women (as far as I know, only topless) scripted sex animations and exposed male penises.

I can’t make a call on this myself, but it seems like this is almost entirely a gray zone. Scripts that promote/facilitate sex/sexual content seem not to be allowed. Still, that content exists in GTA 5 often both for humour and sexual reasons, like picking up prostitutes, which seems to imply this content not between players is somewhat allowed.

Is a pimping script ok? Is an NPC prostitute script ok? We don’t know, but that doesn’t seem to be what’s being removed.

This is not to get into the argument of weird restrictions on sex in a game where you murder/torture/butcher people and cultural sensitivities.

It would probably be good for us to get some clarification from CFX/Rockstar on what isn’t allowed.