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Western Roleplay is the premier roleplaying community to roleplay on. Built and tailored to be the best possible experience on the RedM framework built and created by the CitizenFX Team, we simply strive to provide the best value to any potential player.

We launched in February of 2021, fed up with the uptight management and staff, the corruption, favoritism, and a plethora of other reasons, wanting to create our own server. In doing so, we vowed never to become like the other servers who wanted to stay “cookie-cutter,” always afraid of change and to revolutionize the way RedM is meant to be played.

Since then, we’ve gained over 1600 members in our discord, over 10,000 unique players, and we reach 60 to 90 players per day, no matter the day. And that’s only in 6 months.

You may ask why we’re so popular? Because we put the focus on you. The focus is solely on the experience you have, the friendliness and openness of this community, the roleplay and interactions you run into while playing–is all apart of the experience we’ve handcrafted since we started this server.

We focus heavily on player interaction, positive community building, and providing the best possible content and focus to the players. We’ve stayed true to this sole intention since the very beginning, and we plan to do so far into the future as we still continue to grow and reach new heights.

All our players and community members are extremely tight-nit and are extremely welcoming. Anybody with a sole interest of roleplaying inside the West is going to get far more than expected, not only in roleplay but the potential friends you’ll be making, the memories you’ll be cementing, and the roleplay experience you’ll remember for years to come. If ever there was a place with the best roleplay, it is RedM.


You may ask what sets us apart of all other RedM servers apart from community, or staff? You'd be surprised.
  • An extremely intuitive, WesternRP-exclusive script that allows for sessions to be ingame. Go to a train station, switch to another session, and it’s as simple as that. Go to another part of the map, and you’ll be meeting a completely different set of 32 people–the max amount of people allowed in one session before OneSync is released.
  • An entirely player-ran economy (planned) using advanced code that took months to devise, plan, and execute. A supply & demand system that works with all players, ensuring realism, pushing for the formation of companies, groups of people, and even more interaction–the wholly goal of roleplay.
  • A hugely stable experience compared to other servers. We have 12-hour uptime, compared to other servers who need to restart every few hours. Our crash reports are considerably lower compared to other servers. Don’t feel afraid to crash and sink hundreds of hours into the server with no interruptions–it’ll allow that!
  • A huge amount of custom-made, WesternRP-exclusive scripts made by top-tier developers. This includes a custom, high-quality character creation process, an in-depth butcher script with requests for animals every restart–giving hunters lots of quests for extra cash. A custom pets system, buy a pet, watch it age, feed, give it water, and watch it grow old with you. A ranching system, housing system, stable system, and so many other features that I’d be adding much more than this. I think you get the point–you will never be content starved.
  • A focus on the political, and realistic U.S. government from real life. Become a state judge, governor, senator, mayor, sheriff, or a federal justice, and see the effects of your position real-time throughout the server, as these positions are given real-time power throughout the server. Each state having it’s own unique laws, government, customs, people, and events perpetuates the “always moving” atmosphere we massively shoot for.
  • Vetted staff members who are well-known in the community, and a no-tolerance policy on abuse, corruption or otherwise heinous behavior. Players are able to vote on who and who doesn’t become staff, and we ensure we take on good picks. A private “report” section for all staff, where you can anonymously report a staff member using garnered evidence which will be acted upon. We take a 3rd look at all events to ensure we stay true to our original intention–to not let staff ruin our server as we’ve seen many others do.
  • A completely free roleplay environment. Want to become whatever you want? Simply do it! There are no staff checks, no staff intervention, and roleplay will and always will be free-flowing, and staff-free.
  • We have a network of developers of who we call on for different scripts, to ensure our players get top-tier treatment when it comes to content, features, and more. Each one, focusing on different aspects of the community–ensuring all bases are covered. And, a github with live discord updating, so you can see all status’ on every single thing we do behind the scenes and publicly.
  • Many more, which you will need to experience for yourself by clicking the discord link above :wink:

Server Photos

Check out the plethora of photos taken on our server, real-time from players from all walks of roleplay.

Not convinced yet? Well, try for yourself. You're one step away from changing your perspective on Roleplay forever.
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I have revamped the post! We are launching on 2/19/21 at 3:00PM PST, 6:00 PM EST! Come join us!

The server has exploded in popularity, and we’re garnering full servers every day! Come on down and join us!

So much has been improved since the original post. Can’t wait to see you on here!

Post bump! We get 60-90 players per day! Come on, hop on in and enjoy the huge, expansive and extremely well coded server!

We’ve officially hit 100 players! We’re the first server to do so! Come on in, and enjoy the huge atmosphere!