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Welcome to West Coast Roleplay. West Coast Roleplay is an ambituous project to capture the uniqueness that policing has to offer. Established in 2019, West Coast Roleplay has strived to achieve as real as possible roleplay. If you want to see true policing, West Coast Role is the place for you.


Employment Opportunities

As of now, West Coast Roleplay offers 5 departments for members of our community; Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles County Civilian Team, and The Sheriff’s Communication Center


West Coast Roleplay is unparalleled in development. With a combined team of developers that begun in the GTA 4 days, our vehicles, uniforms, policies, procedures, and overall atmosphere cannot be matched.

Southland Roleplay
If you ever wanted to know what it felt like to be Emergency Services in Southern California, West Coast Roleplay is the place to experience it. With command who live and work in Southern California Law Enforcement, we are able to bring to you the most authentic and immersive Southern California Roleplay Experience.


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Detailed Information

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is our primary agency for all police related calls in our community. Our agency is comprised of diverse individuals who strive to deter crime in LA County, we work alongside other agencies to give you a strong feeling of realism.


Canine Unit

Transit Services Bureau

Special Enforcement Bureau

Operation Safe Streets

Communications Bureau

Los Angeles County Fire Department

Detailed Information

The Los Angeles County Fire Department covers the entire area of LA County, including some areas of the city as well. The LACoFD works in contract with American Medical Response and Care Ambulance for all medical calls as well.


Arson Investigation

Fire Marshall Service

Residents of Los Angeles County

Detailed Information

The Los Angeles County Civilian Team provides calls for service for all of our emergency services in West Coast Roleplay. The goal of The Los Angeles County Civilian Team is to give accurate, detailed, and entertaining roleplay overall.



Must be 14 years or older at the time of applying.

Must be willing to follow all community rules, regulations and department policies.

Must be willing to learn and improve. Must attend the department’s academy and any other training.

Must be a respectful, honest, and professional person.

Must be fluent in English.

Must have a working and decent quality microphone and headset at the time of applying or able to get one.

Must have a valid and legal copy of GTA V with the ability to install FiveM.



We are now accepting applicants, apply at the website above!

Hiring for all agencies, if you have questions, connect to Teamspeak!

Hey, you know me from the past…can you add me on discord @ ThatGuyRaven#0024

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We are actively hiring for all positions, including Deputies!

Offering the most authentic California roleplay FiveM has to offer, come check us out.

Check out our promotional video, your career awaits you!

We are still hiring for all agencies until further notice, submit your application today!

Our diverse opportunities allow you to expand exponentially within our community, come check us out.

We welcome all new applicants, even if you just recently started from the Epic Games Promotional.

Wishing everyone a safe memorial day from West Coast Roleplay!

We have been informed of a issue regarding the submission of applications on our website due to invalid permissions; this has since been fixed.

If you attempted to submit an application before and would like to now, this would be your time to do so. We apologize for any hindrances this may have caused.

If you have any further questions about the community or our application process, feel free to hop on Teamspeak at wcrp.ts.nfoservers.com.

i put in a request on the website didnt know if it went through if someone could add me on discord.


Given a large number of our HR live in densely populated cities and work in or around Law Enforcement, application wait times may increase slightly. So far, applications have been answered within 24 hours or less.

Down to join add me on discord Ade#5622

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