Weird QBCore Error

Trying to figure out why it’s doing this. Any ideas?

You likely downloaded oxmysql from the main branch. Download the latest release and it should get rid of the error: Release v2.2.0 · overextended/oxmysql · GitHub

Now it doesn’t even come up with a menu at all and I’m here like this.

No errors of any sort anywhere either.

here’s a pic of my cfg too.

There’s likely errors, you’re just not finding them. Check your FX logfile on your game computer for client side and the entire server terminal output from startup to player join for the serverside.

CitizenFX_log_2022-03-25T134639.log (152.8 KB)
Here’s my latest log

No errors, hmm? :slight_smile:

I’d first do a search through that log you provided and either fix or disable the resources that state failed to load. Then I would either fix or disable the inventory system that’s failing to load correctly at the very bottom of the log.

Second, let’s see a log of your server terminal output from startup to player join.

The inventory is fixed and I fixed the failed to load’s. But I’m struggling on knowing how to show you the server terminal output

That would depend on the environment you’re running the server in. Linux, you’d use tee, Windows PowerShell has Tee-Object. FiveM docs state the txadmin has feature of saving log files: Live Console (with log file and command history) . You won’t be able to run a stable server if you can’t look at server log history.

fxserver_1648218523.log (2.5 MB)

there ya go

keep in mind the last few times I restarted I put back the original multi char script and spawn script. the error came up with the custom ones I had. the ones that were working just fine yesterday on another server.

Other than too-large textures and your cfg trying to start resources it can’t, I don’t see anything amiss. At this point, if you’ve solved all client sided errors, I would disable chunks of addon resources in your server.cfg until you load in successfully to see if you can narrow down which chunk the problem resource is in.