Weed growth props wanted for outdoor growing resource

I am developing a resource that lets one farm weed outdoors.

It’s going pretty well, but there is one problem: I don’t have the actual weed props!
For development purposes I’ve just been using prop_weed_01 for all the growth stages, but that’s not viable for the final release.
A previous (unreleased) version used the same prop for all stages, and just hid the bottom of the plant in the ground when the plant wasn’t fully grown. That looks okay, but there are serious issues with it when planting somewhere and the “root” being in a different location (such as a tunnel or subway station being directly below the planting location).

That’s why I hope someone can direct me to a collection of props, or be willing to cook some up for me?
I’m currently looking at 8 stages of growth, from seedling all the way to a mature plant, but each step doesn’t need to have a completely unique model.

The Biker DLC has some really great weed props, such as bkr_prop_weed_med_01a, but these ones are being grown indoors and are in buckets. That’s not what I want at all, but if anyone knows how to just remove the bucket from the model and move it’s origin point up to where the stem begins that certainly solves my problem.

Naturally, the author of the models will be credited in the release and documentation of the resource.


There is a site I use for prop name and to search them but apparently Im not aloud to link the name [email protected] PM if you want it

Thank you, but I’ve already determined that the props I need are not in GTA5 to begin with, so either I need to lay my hands on an existing set of custom props, or have someone help out by creating some.

For searching the existent props, I have OpenIV :slight_smile: