Web Developer Looking for New Community to continue development on web based CAD/MDT


My name is Gage. I have been a web designer for 10 years. My next challenge is to create a CAD/MDT that handles everything from the application process to hosting community documents. I lack in the lua world to integrate it into fivem. I would like on the MDT side to show unit locations and things like ALRP (Auto License Plate Reader).

What I am looking for is a community with at least 15 active members with patrols happening every night. Also need a community that has an excellent development team.

Here is what it looks like for public/application process. Feel free to apply. Right now almost done with the civilian side of things before moving on to the LEO. https://cadv4.gagesspace.dev/

If you are interested message me on discord at: Ron Swanson#1776 Or join my new discord at: https://discord.gg/cRcEt37

Public Website Homepage

Community Portal


Civilian Home Page

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I’m interested my self you can add me on discord: Grizzly#4224 and we can sit down and talk.

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Still looking for the right community!!

Still looking for the right community!!

Discord: https://discord.gg/E2erQc7
Massachusetts Based
Economy/Menu Server

  • What We’re About -
    We are running on a paid custom framework called World Of San Andreas you can find a list of its features here: World Of San Andreas - Features - Google Docs The framework allows players to utilize jobs, and other role plays to bring realism to a new standard. A Project Justice promise.
    Massachusetts Department Of Public Safety, houses 3 different departments, Massachusetts State Police, Gardner City Police Department, and Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office
    We here at Project Justice RP are dedicated to providing an experience that entertains others. We have one LEO Umbrella department that is split into three different departments: San Andreas State Police, Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. This allows our police officers to patrol as any department in most areas and the variety of three different sets of departments cars. We don’t utilize one police pack to livery each department we use three separate packs. We also have an explorer program that allows anyone who joins publicly to roleplay as a police officer.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/E2erQc7