Weapons as items on players back

Hello i wanted to ask if anyone knows about any way how to have weapons as items on players back.
(Weapons On Back script or something like that)

Use the search feature, like so:

Not what i was talking about. I meant i got inventory that converted Weapons (Loadout) to Items. But when u got Weapon as Item it doesnt show on players back.

You’ll most likely have to adjust the script above to work with your inventory script - I highly doubt a “plug and play” version is available.

as expected … Thanks for info

have you seen this? [Release] Weapons On Back

“Looking for a script to make weapons show up on a player’s back if they have it in their weapon wheel? Look no further!”

Thats exactly what im not looking for i have seen like 4 simillar scripts but none of them supports weapons converted to items

did anyone find a solution for this other than a obfuscated subscription based one?