Weapon Wheel Doesn't Work

Hello, I have currently been playing Five Reborn for about a week now and I have one single issue… The weapon wheel does not open. The simple weapon changing system works perfectly in a vehicle but the weapon wheel doesn’t open on foot. I am using a legit version of GTA V, fresh install, fresh install of five reborn, and I am running no mods. I’ve tried rebinding the key with no luck. I currently do a lot of Police Roleplay and this makes it very difficult, to get a weapon in my hands I must spawn it.

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^ disabling the HUD does this. I assume you use a trainer?


@jwbjnwolf I feel stupid admitting to this but yes… My HUD was disabled. Thank you.




mine not working at all… after installing my new inventory hud its not working

anyone knows where is the directory folder related to weapon wheel?

how can I know if my hud is disabled I am facing the same issue right now

The HUD would be disabled by a resource in your server.

Hello, I am so confused, my weapon wheel in FIVEM Servers does not work, it only lets me choose handguns, and stuff when in a vehicle but not on foot, what do I do?

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Same here I’ve tried clearing my cache reinstalling GTA 5 and FiveM and nothing works

Turn your hud on

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its not working because the servers you are joining have qbcore or esx or ox inventory

those for some stupid reason that is not optional disable your weapon wheel