Weapon Realism (Better Fire Rate + Shoot Rifle From Vehicle)

I originally created this for my personal server that is in development. After seeing that there were surprisingly no server-sided rate of fire scripts, I decided to create one for personal use, then I saw an LSPDFR script (credit: Lenny1161) that allowed you to shoot your rifle from your vehicle and I decided to recreate that and release it in case anyone else found it useful. This feature only works with the carbine rifle, other rifles are not supported but if you wanted to add support for them it would take seconds.

I do not plan on ever updating this and support will be minimal. Like I said, this was created for personal use and just released for anyone who found it useful.

Modify it however you wish, use it in any servers you wish, and feel free to upload modified versions. Have fun and happy modding :slight_smile:


  1. Download the file below.
  2. Drag the “weapon_realism” folder into your server resources
  3. Enjoy!

Preview: Weapon Realism Preview

V1.0.1 - Weapon_Realism.rar (32.1 KB)


Preview please

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You should update from __resource.lua to fxmanifest.lua. See Resource manifest - Cfx.re Docs

  • Deprecated methods. Make sure your release does not contain deprecated methods, such as creating chat commands without the REGISTER_COMMAND native.
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My bad, I forgot. Should be good now


Thanks, I wasn’t aware that was now deprecated. Just updated it to include an fxmanifest instead

Hey what did flags or changes need to be made to a weapon.meta or animations.meta for them to work in a vehicle, for addon weapons?

The animations file is just needed for the better rate of fire.
If you’re just wanting to allow a rifle to be used in a vehicle:

  1. Simply open your weapon.meta
  2. Scroll down to the section for the gun you’re looking to change (in this example I use the advanced rifle)
  3. Find GROUP_RIFLE and change it to GROUP_PISTOL
  4. Save and you’re done.

woooow nice man

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Thank you!

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Nice work :fire:

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Great work, keep it up!

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i am trying to allow the carbine rifle be shot out of the car but it already has the group pistol so it doesnt work what do i do

hey I seem to have an issue with the firerate changes not applying when joining my server. it seems to get it to work I have to manually restart the resource which only applies the changes to people who are already joined in the server. anyone new entering still has default firerate

Can i change it so that only the passenger can fire the rifle?

This sounds like it would probably be possible in a script, but not through metas. I have limited coding knowledge so I can’t make it but I’m sure there’ll be a dev with greater knowledge who can

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to make it work like this?

Hello, is there a way I can remove the Fire Rate stuff and keep just the Shoot Rifle From Car?