Weapon Mod Workbench - NextGen FiveM [PAID] [ESX/QB/Standalone]


Introducing Weapon Mod Workbench

Elevate your FiveM gameplay with the Weapon Mod Workbench. This powerful tool empowers you to effortlessly customize your weapons with a range of components and vibrant tints. Seamless integration, boundless creativity.

AVAILABLE AT store.nextgenfivem.com for $32 (plus Tebex taxes)

:rocket: Check out our trailer to see it in action! :rocket:


Click here to read more about how it works and how to configure it.

Code is accessible No (except configs)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~4500
Requirements None
Support Yes

Well fxcking done :fire::fire::fire:

Amazing work!

Does this stores metadata to weapon item? Ex. If I apply mods to weapon then I give them weapon to other player will he has same mods applied when he uses that weapon?

Yes, it does. It uses either your framework’s built-in attachment system or from your custom inventory.

In this NextGen FiveM Docs you can see how the framework handlers are built. You can send back metadata for the weapons and use it later on, when equipping components, for example.

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Thank you. One more question: I am using ox_inventory, but I use custom weapon names. Ex. Instead of WEAPON_PISTOL the item is called pistol (so all item name is lowercased and WEAPON_ part is removed). Will this script work in my case?

Initially, it won’t work, but our support can help you configure the resource to work for your case.

Hello, just wanted to know if its compatible with ADDONS Weapons & Components
Like the Fluffy Mods or Marko Mods Weapons ?

Thanks in advance ^^

It’s possible to add addon weapons. It may be a bit tricky to make it good, but it’s possible and we would gladly help you make it work.

does it work with qs-inventory?

Yes, it should work fine with qs-inventory.

Yes, you can add and configure all weapons. It may be a bit tricky, but our support could help you get everything to work.