Weapon Durabilty and Serial Number

How can I add a Durability and Serial number for a weapon?
I want to make the weapon breakable and a item can fix it , and a generate a Serial Number random.

You can make it so over time of use it breaks, and it removes the gun and gives back parts like a stock, barrel, and so on, make it so weapons need to be cleaned so they dont break, or repaired by someone when they do break, this would be cool to see. Only thing i have seen like this, is a inventory script that degrades items over time, but thats with or without use.

someone actually made one already…

That’s right, that’s my idea, but I wanted to implement it in my esx_inventoryhud

I tried this, but it didn’t work like the video

did you purchase the script

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Thanks but this is based on the use of the item, I wanted a decreasing bar