Weapon archetypes crash during loading in

Client crash loading into a FiveM server when:

having over 543 archetype entries in a weaponsarchetypes.meta on b2189
having over 557 archetype entries in a weaponsarchetypes.meta on b1604

  1. Client (production/canary) and FXServer version:
    Client - Tested on both b1604 and b2189.

  2. What you expected to happen
    The game not to crash when loading in.

  3. What actually happens
    The game crashes when loading in.

  4. Category of bug (eg. client, server, weapons, peds, native)
    Client - Weapons

  5. Reproducible steps, preferably with example script(s)
    I have included minimal repro resources and crash dumps for both 1604 & 2189.

archetypes_info.rar (2.3 MB)

@Disquse u?

Probably can be fixed by increasing MaxExtraWeaponModelInfos, at least Iā€™m not crashing anymore. Can you test if it works with a full resource set?

Tested on 1604, increasing MaxExtraWeaponModelInfos to 2048 in gameconfig resolves the issue, can it be increased?

Resolved - Thank you :heart:

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