[Weapon] [Add-On] RLRifle


It is RLRifle Addon Weapon!
All meta Files are unlocked!
The weapon is with it’s own custom attachments!

Click here to buy it!

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements No
Support Yes

I hope that Charles Smith is getting a cut from your sales for using his model. Did you permission to use his work for commercial usage?

Hello it has standard license so anyone can use it as comercial

Well are you going give credit to creator of 3D model you are using? Such as giving name of creator, storefront item is bought from?. The majority of items on your TEBEX store front are all items created by people. One of them is even a modded weapon model from Fallout 4 Nexus page. So it be nice give credit to authors or that is model purchased as CFX has rules on assets from other model creators and from other IP’s. Such as your CSGO Weapons post being taken down for IP infringement. As to me it seems you are just buying cheap 5 dollar models off sites and just selling it on FiveM. None of work being provided is originally made its just model ported from software to the game.

Hello thanks for your reply we have update our product description.

How about giving all the creators of models you bought credit and storefront you purchased them from with permission from the author to be using there product for commercial usage. Everything you sell are all items from other games or just 3d models you bought. Such a mod stolen straight from Nexus Mods Fallout 4 Page created by Ragnarr1313 on Nexus a Free Mod. Does he know that you are using his work for monetary gain?

Did you get permission from Miot_00 to use the product for commercial usage? You give no credit to them for model you are selling on your Tebex page. The green and orange rifle created by Erik on ArtStation do you credit him and have permission use his work.

Your Limited Offer: 4 WEA is not even original work at all and was taken down and your still selling it. These are models straight one for one from CSGO. Did you permission form KALSHCG on CULTS3D to be using his work for monetary gain or credit him?

Is there anything on your Tebex Store and CFX post that are original work and not items you are just buying from people to make a quick profit for just porting a model into FiveM?

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