Warz.cc ❯❯ pvp based, kill zombies, level-up, craft and more!


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First of all, I would like to point out that this is not a roleplay.
WarZ is custom coded zombie pvp oriented server.
Server started 10.04.2021and its currently in open-beta, will be finished soon!
There is already base of players around 45-50 players every day.


  • Onesync infinity with 1024 slots

  • Zombie system

  • Zombie system, that spawn zombies around world, there is levels 1,5,10,30,50,100.
  • Each level have own zone, higher level means bigger money loot, bigger damage and speed.
  • There is bigger zombies in zones, based on their level.
  • There is 2 pills, Antizin that disable zombies for you for 10 minutes and Pill of mutation that boost zombies around you for 10 minutes.
  • Leaderboard:
  • Here you can se top players/crew, killed players, k/d ratio, playtime etc.
  • 7 safezones
  • In safezone you cannot be killed.
  • Safezones is full of npcs with shops, crafting…
  • Safe lootzones
  • Its near safezone, but zombies can spawn here, pvp is disabled here, and if you die, you wont lose items.
  • Pvp zone

  • Screamhouse

  • Pvp area, its house full of smog, and scary noises. You must use gas mask, or you will die.
  • You earn passive exp for being inside.
  • Crew system
  • You can create crew, if you are in the crew you can see member names and blip on the map.
  • Boss system
  • There is more then 5 bosses, that have higher health, damage, armor and much better loot.
  • Airdrops
  • Airdrop system like every survival game, you can find better items inside.
  • Damage indicator
  • You can see how much damage you gave to another player.
  • Kill feed
  • You can see kill feed similar to cs:go, with distance check.
  • Lootboxes
  • Lootboxes similar to cs:go case opening.
  • Postapocalyptic map

  • Apocalypse vehicles

  • Level system

  • Compass

  • Own shop

  • You can create your own shop, where you can sell whatever you want. After using /shop you transform into a prop. Its similar to mmorpg games like metin2 or 4story.
  • More then 250 items to loot

  • Inventory

  • Inventory has hotbar and protected safe, if you die, you wont lose items in safe.
  • Storage
  • Storage in every safezone, safe your loot here.
  • Teleporter
  • Teleport between safezones.
  • All weapon components

  • Playtime counter

  • Referral system

  • If you invite friend, you both can get reward, when he use your code.
  • Kit menu
  • Kits like starter items, vip packages etc.
  • Daily rewards

  • Vehicle tuning

  • Hud

  • Hud that shows weapon, ammo, armor, health, pill duration etc.
  • Crafting
  • You can craft almost every item on the server, if you have blueprints and materials.

And much more!


Server is constantly updated, so i hope you will enjoy!

New scoreboard, that shows online players.

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New airdrop system

Added marketplace

Added possibility to loot objects

Youtube trailer: https://youtu.be/-7e628isYho

  • Added custom zombie skins

  • Weapons recoil

  • Fixed all known bugs

  • Earning money is now much easier!

Also server is out of beta and 01.05. has started 1.st season!