Wallace - Heavy Text Roleplay | New Hanover | We're looking for dev's

:white_check_mark: We’re looking for talented C# and LUA developers and staff members for our English server!

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Wallace - Western Roleplay is the first English Heavy Text RP in the RedM community, developed by veteran SA:MP players and where a mature, serious and well-documented role is sought exclusively.

This method has been chosen for the simple reason that it is a role in general cleaner, more paused and where it leaves more space to the imagination and individual interpretation of each user, since it achieves a greater immersion in this way that with the roleplay by voice, being able to give more depth to the characters and the environment in general that is represented in the time in which the server is developed.

“Screenshot taken in our spanish community server”

The diverse state of New Hanover is a land of forests and vast plains, which is ideal for hunters and herbalists. On the outskirts of the mining towns and oil fields, an unspoiled nature awaits.

We are located in the year 1886 in the region of New Hanover, its main city, Valentine, is the social heart of the area, as well as some ranches like Emerald Ranch

The territory is in the process of colonization, so it is very easy to find locations totally full of virgin nature, but it is also killed by bandits and groups of outlaws.

“Screenshot taken in our spanish community server”

When developing the server, not only the systems are taken into account, but also many aspects of roleplay, where from the administration will try to give an environment and an interpretation as faithful as possible to the time. The economy is a very important issue, that’s why it won’t be usual to have thousands of dollars, because at that time, fifty dollars was already a considerable amount of money, that’s why the prices of items, weapons, horses, among others, may seem very cheap for new players, but you can see how those prices are according to the money a player can earn working, or doing not so legal deals.