VRP | Valor Roleplay - A serious vMenu - based roleplay server, actively looking for department members and staff members. Start your journey TODAY!


Valor Roleplay is a newly formed vMenu-based serious roleplay server. Valor Roleplay was formed by a group of dedicated individuals with passion in FiveM roleplay. Our server has been built from scratch to represent our community accordingly. We have everything from custom vehicles, EUP, Y-MAPS, and even weapons. Our server has many different departments available for those to apply for. If you’re one to enforce the law of San Andreas, apply for one of our law enforcement departments. Want to cause chaos and crime? Do you- all we ask is one thing. Follow our rules! Here at VRP, we can’t wait to see you start your journey here.

Server Departments

Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)

San Andreas State Troopers (SAST)

United States Marshal Service (USMS)

San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD)

For whatever you may be interested in, we invite you to apply. All applications are reviewed on a daily basis. The process is swift and easy. Applications are handled on our discord server.

Server Features

We have a lot to offer here at Valor Roleplay. Here are some of our features:

  • Pillbox Medical Y-MAP for medical-based roleplay
  • Flywheels Y-MAP, located in Sandy Shores
  • Sandy Police Department Y-MAP, great for roleplay
  • Whitelisted LEO/FIRE/EMS, no public officers or CO’s
  • Custom clothing and emergency uniform packs
  • Mumble VOIP voice system for ranges, greater quality
  • TeamSpeak3 server for CIV/LEO/FIRE to use
  • Subsequent server updates and dedication
  • Active staff team and player base, looking to grow

We have so much more on our server! Come and take a look! :slightly_smiling_face:

Meet the Founders

VRP was made possible by our Founders! A special thanks to them.


Preston L. | OfficialPrez#0001

P. Williamson | Illusion#8058

Join Today!

Get started by joining our discord server:


Simply search “Valor Roleplay” in the search bar!

Here’s our community rules and guidelines:

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Good job guys, keep it up :heart:
Valor Roleplay ONE LOVE :heart:

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There’s a new website. Find more about us:


Awesome server! Great staff and owners.