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A policepc for cops, can be used to search people police records,vehicles,bussines info,people info, good for roleplay

Line: 144 change the permission / group

Download: https://github.com/krexanu/vrp_policepc


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that script is all dick

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Nice Script , keep going .

Best script :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

sorry man, but how do I use this? ahaha I really can’t understand

best scripts i seen

WOW!!! This is amazing! Thanks a lot man

Nice Script

Very nice script !

What authority should I add?

How do I adjust the button

Hello, It’s looking nice :slight_smile: Can you make a ESX Version?

Best Regards :slight_smile:

At least he tried to make something… looking at your account you haven’t tried anything mate. Can you really speak?

i think there is already a script like this on my arabic server i didn’t do it but when i put installed the vrp there is the same thing lol

how can i open the menu ?