[vRP]Miner Job

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Depedencies: vRP
Download: https://github.com/syndicate1984/vrp_miner
How to install: Paste vrp_miner in resources folder then start it


Thank you for ur work :slight_smile:

But there is a problem, after you finish the Job the point to the paleto is still active where you prepare rocks…can u fix it for get a new job again?

Change the blip route with Waypoint :slight_smile:

Problem still the same, after you finish the job and get payed the route for preparation still active and no current job on duty, after u choose second time the job… and even before select still that route…

Remove the blip, and setroute and add SetNewWaypoint

@ThorHUB nu merge ce zici tu
am incercat in toate felurile si tot nu spawneaza alta dupa ce termin

Is there any version in english? cause i want to rewrite these notifications and so