Hello, this is my first ever releas soo that s why i couldn t post it in the Resource Releas category.

This is a vrp based resource that allows you the get the Drug Delear job from a NPC.(You can add more jobs following the model that is used for the Drug Delear).All you need to do is to press E

downlad link : https://github.com/reymihai/vrpjob
video : https://streamable.com/mlno6 ( a bit laggy)

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Hello, this is not properly a script, but it is good!

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bro. is my script…

Hi @HackerGeo. Can you please link your script ?

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my script is not online, it’s on my server

Is it the exact same ?

i haven t seen anything like this on the forum.Maybe you have something similar on youre server