VR feature

It would be cool to implement on redMI for those who have the opportunity to play with VR via Steam VR


Agreed. It would be very cool to have VR for RedM. Unfortunately, the number of VR players is to small to make it worth while for developers and company’s to support.

For VR to really take off, the cost of headsets needs to be cheaper and people have to want it. For example, lets say there is a family of 3 (Dad, Mom, Kid). They would have to purchase 3 headsets in total. Also, they each would have to have a need to want one. Not all of them want to play games, nor watch movies in it.

Im using Luke’s Real VR mod for now, and have 280hours all in VR headset. Its fantastic, and I can appreciate the game on a different level. Its been costly for me to build a PC to provide this, but for me, its worth it. For others, its not.

In due time, VR will have its place, or some other similar technology.