VORP vs RedEM: Which is currently superior?

I’ve been using the RedEM framework for my Zap-hosted server, but it looks like VORP has more (and better) content. I’ve only been using RedEM because Zap servers come with it as a plugin. My questions are:

In your opinions, which is the better framework for a RP server?
Should I just ditch RedEM and go with VORP?
Are there compatibility issues between the 2?

Thanks for any input!

You can test VORP and then decide which one you prefer.

Yeah, I plan on doing that this weekend. I’m just interested in hearing some opinions from others. I mean, this is the “Discussion” subforum, so let’s discuss! :nerd_face:

I can’t comment on the quality of the framework at will, you can experience it yourself and see your personal feelings, my English is not good, sorry

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Yeah, good point. I probably shouldn’t encourage anyone trashing other people’s creations.

Well, VORP won’t work on Zap-hosted servers so I guess that answers my question. RedEM it is.

both good, Redem is functional vorp is promising but messy,

Hmmm. I found it to be the exact opposite. lol.

so does VORP not work on servers hosted by ZAP?

Im using RedEM and i like it so far. It needs a lot of edit, but u can use the system for almost everything. And its in lua, i am looking for that.

for me it is better RedEM I also have a hosted server at zap. Today I redesigned the server to vorp because there aren’t many functional scripts on RedEM yet. But it’s the same as FiveM, it’s like ESX and VRP

yes it works

I ended up ditching Zap because of their terrible customer service and their expensive and slow servers.

Now I’m renting a VPS with NFO Servers (much faster and cheaper than Zap) and using VORP instead, which I think is more complete so far, and their Discord team is pretty awesome and helpful - even moreso than the Zap employees - and they get paid!

RedEM has a lot of potential, but seeing as how many of their scripts haven’t even been touched in months, I don’t think their development is as active as VORP.