[VORP] Store Robbery for RedM

Description :memo:

Hai gamers! Today I am going to release a robbery script for the RedM framework. This is an advanced store robbery in which you can rob different stores with very new minigames in the RDR theme. This script is fully custom-made. Right now I am releasing its VORP version only. If you need it for any other framework you can contact me.

Features :biting_lip:

  • Blueprints are used in this script. You can rob a store only if you have a blueprint of that store. For example, if you want to rob a Valentine’s store you must have a blueprint of this store.

  • On robbing a bank police notification will sent to the police of that zone that you can configure in config.lua.

  • You can configure robbery hours and times in which the rob option should work.

  • This pack includes two minigames that you can also use for other scripts.

  • A blueprint script is also included in this pack that you can use for other scripts.

  • Translation config available so that you can translate everything into your language.

  • Discord Logs with language translation.

What’s included in this pack :question:

  • ms-storerobbery
  • ms-blueprint
  • ms-lock-minigame
  • ms-combi-minigame

Installation :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Installation is very simple just ensure the files and install SQL. A detailed installation guide is provided in the README.md

Demo Video :point_down:

Watch Below Video or Click here to watch

View Config.lua

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I provide 24/7 and instant support so no need to worry about anything.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 5000+
Requirements VORP Core
Support Yes (24/7)
This script is FiveM escrow protected if you need an unencrypted version of this script you can contact me .


  • Added a new config option for controlled removal of items according to actions.
-- If true remove both the blueprint and lockpick when the minigame starts
-- If false remove the lockpick when the minigame starts and remove the blueprint only when the minigame is successful
Config.RemoveBothRequiredItems = false