[VORP] [PAID] gm_robberies inspired by esx_advancedrobberies

Hello everyone. Once again im posting another great script for your players that i made for my server a while back. I’ll keep updating the script with you suggestions and ill try to do bug fixes if any of them arise in the future.

This script is heavily optimized and runs with 0.00 ms when idle.

Also note that it supports Onesync Infinity without any errors and has been tested in a server with 120+ people inside

Video preview can be found by pressing this line

Image Preview:

Please note that this script uses the CFX escrow System. This is done to prevent resellers and leakers to have access to my scripts. Also note that full support will be proved by me for more information visit our store page (19.99€)

Code is accessible No except config file
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~90 in client side / ~120 Server side
Requirements Vorp-Core, Vorp-Inventory
Support Full support provided

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Since its black Friday i desided to give out a code with 50% off the original price of my scripts.
Go check out the store page and when you purchase the script use the code below

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Nov 26, 2022 01:40 EET