VolantisRP // Serious Roleplay // Hiring Staff/PD/EMS // Economy based server // QBCore base with unique scripting

About Volantis RP
Volantis RP is a FiveM server launched in June of 2021 with the purpose to create realistic and immersive roleplay. We have developed on the QBCore framework and implemented custom scripts. The server is very economy based and has a progressive feel. There are many ways in how your character and yourself can progress in the server. We use a Discord whitelist that requires you to be a member of our discord to play on the server. We have active development and are pushing updates every day which can be seen in our server changelogs.

discord: http://discord.gg/QEQDDjuWMa
server ip: game.volantisrp.com

What we offer

  • Very performance friendly and optimized: our goal was to make sure everyone keeps a healthy amount of FPS to make playing on our server very pleasant. The server is NOT flooded with MLO’s that have no use.
  • Add-On Clothing, beardstyles, Add-On weapons and Custom Cars that are balanced and updated on a regular basis.
  • Progressive robbery system that requires you to figure out all the requirements. We made them high risk and high reward, you will really feel your heart pump as you try to lose the police and secure the loot after investing a lot of money into your heist attempt. Since the owners of the servers have played on previous servers, we noticed that most QBCore had the same lay-out and we switched it around. If you like progressing and working towards that big score you will really enjoy our server. We have Store, House, Banktruck, Fleeca, Paleto, Pacific and Maze Bank robberies. Each of these have a unique puzzle to them that you need to figure out. We plan on developping an art gallery heist in the future.
  • Progressive Crafting system to craft items that you will need during your time as roleplay, channel your inner businessmen and start a business in crafting items by being ahead of the competition.
  • Oxyruns, Cornerselling, Drugruns, Key-based drug labs to produce large quantities and distribute to other players on the server, Weedfarms in your house, Material recycling, Chop shop
  • Licenses: we have implemented weapon and hunting licenses for players that are given and taken by the police.
  • Every interaction is logged. We have logged every action that a person can do on the server as to promise a fair game between each others, tired of people cheating the economy systems? We will find them really easily.
  • Everything is possible if you bring a well thought out idea to the developers and we will discuss it together on how it can benefit the server.
  • Special Event Heist: Do you have a cool idea we could do with the community as a heist event? Let us know and we will do our best to set it up and give everyone a great night or RP.
  • Custom Housing and decorating
  • High density AI and still holding a nice amount of performance
  • Mobile Meth like breaking bad
  • Police raids The police can raid all your properties for added immersion, be extra cautious
  • Decryption system: Decrypt USB sticks that you gain from certain activities that will put you on a meta-unlock treasure hunt.

Jobs and gangs (WL = Whitelisted)

  • Police (WL): For now we only have a police department, but with an increase in community we are looking to expand to other departments

  • EMS (WL)

  • Cardealer (WL): Cardealers are located at Luxury Cars and have the possibility to manage stock, send invoices, test drive and sell cars to other players.

  • Motordealer (WL): Just like the cardealer but located at Sanders Motorcycles, we have a wide variety of custom bikes

  • Tuner (WL): This job is like the cardealer of JDM-style vehicles. Also can do cheaper upgrades than LSCustoms and organises races.

  • Mechanics (WL): The guys that repair your vehicle when in dire need. They also have a criminal side and are a vital part of the economy, they are not just there to repair your vehicle

  • Real Estate (WL): You have the posibility to help players find their ideal home, we added multiple tiers of houses.

  • Judge and Lawyers (WL)

  • Trucker/Tow/Taxi/Garbage/Fishing/Hunting(including hunting rifle)

  • Do you have a group of friends and what to form a gang? Message Server Management and we will implement your gang and ganghouse of choice. While in a gang you can still apply for other jobs. Gangs have a shared stash location.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below or on our discord

Server updates of 16/06

  1. Implemented breaching properties (appartments + player houses) for police high command

  2. You are now able to spawn at your appartment when joining the server

  3. Added add-on weapons (pistols, hunting rifle and police rifles)

  4. Implemented hunting and weapons licenses

  5. Balancing changes to crafting

  6. Implemented new hub and tunershop that can customize vehicles inside this location

  7. Added new consumables and usable items

  8. Changes to weaponcrafting (required materials + menu look)

  9. Added bean bag shotguns for riot control

Server updates of 17/06

  1. Fixed issue with two store safes not generating a code
  2. Fixed an issue with cornerselling that would prompt up when you ran out of drugs
  3. Balancing changes to cornerselling
  4. Added new type of material for crafting
  5. Mechanic and Tuner jobs can now repair a car to get it rolling again (for towing purposes)
  6. Front door of jail is now unlocked by default
  7. Small nerf to processing coke
  8. Disabled some commands
  9. Tuner jobs can customize/upgrade cars cheaper than default

Server Update of 18/06

Hunting has received a total rework:
Buy hunting bait, a hunting rifle and knife in the hunting shop
You can now place bait in the hunting area and lure deer but be aware that the animal might flee if you are too close
Once you killed the animal you can process the corpse for hides, carcass and antlers

Server Updates of 21/06
Banktrucks spawn on specific spots and move to specific places
Enabled banktruck robbery

Server Updates of 24/06

Not much new the past few days but lots of small fixes

  1. Added vehicles to the cardealer and stock
  2. Added vehicles to the tunershop
  3. Fixed placing new vehicles in the showroom for the dealerships (cars would stack on top of each others)
  4. Fixed issue with testdrive that would change everyone’s numberplate to TESTCAR1
  5. Showroom cars are frozen so they can’t be driven after lockpicking
  6. Updated the assault rifle model to an AK-47
  7. Changed mechanicstash so that only mechanics managers can see it
  8. Added new M4A1 Carbine weapon
  9. Added a “checklicense” command for police to check if you own a driver/hunting/weapon license
  10. Moved the depot to the new hub
  11. Moved the tow job to the new hub
  12. MRPD front door is now unlocked on default
  13. First steps of making radioscanners work (radioscanners will give you police alerts as non police)
  14. Removed a possible abuse of testdrive, dealerships can only use testdrive on showroom vehicles
  15. Changes to hunting radius where deers will spawn
  16. Removed some prints to console that were put during development phase

Server Updates of 30/06

  1. Reduced amount of hunger and thirst every 10 minutes
  2. Optimized distance calculation is numerous scripts
  3. More optimizations for various scripts
  4. Fixed issues with dealership menu’s
  5. Added add-on cars to the custom dealerships
  6. Added crafting bench for tunershop (they craft and sell unique items that your character needs to find out itself.)
  7. Tunershop received a job-specific stash for their crafting
  8. Dealerships (cardealer, tunerdealer, motordealer) have better menu’s
  9. Made changes to the jewellery store robbery script to make it more challenging
  10. Banktrucks now drive around by default in the city.

Been a while since I updated this thread,

We are still looking for department (and businesses) heads
Please join our discord and open a ticket and apply for a position or to become staff.

Server Updates

  1. Bankrobberies have received a major mechanical overhaul and are really challenging (NoPixel inspired)
  2. Reworked powerstation script
  3. Reworked jewellery robbery script to be more challenging
  4. Reworked truckrobbery script to be more visually pleasing while doing so (animations and particle effects)
  5. Added peds for shops and illegal spots to interact with (no random doors anymore)
  6. Keylabs have received a major overhaul, druglabs require ingredients that you need to acquire somewhere, all labs like moneywash, coke, meth, weed have received syncing methods with all other players
  7. Implemented crypto currency phone app where you can buy and sell crypto. Crypto can be used for certain illegal activities
  8. Breaking Bad Methcamper now has particle effects when you’re cooking meth
  9. Added nightvision goggles
  10. Added a compass item that allows you to toggle the cardinal directions while on foot
  11. Compass now works with your camera rotation instead of character heading (rotates with where you’re looking at.)
  12. Implemented pacific bank extensions (lower vault)
  13. Implemented an art gallery heist

Server Updates

Hacking laptops now have 3 uses instead of just one before they are removed
Laptop hacking minigame has been changed, different robberies have different amount of puzzle blocks and duration
Implemented selling fabergé egg from the art gallery heist
Changes are being made to the custom dealerships to make the menu’s look better and make them run smoother.

I joined this weekend and got a chance to look around the server. There’s a lot of stuff to go through and discover as you progress, I highly recommend checking this server out.

Server Update of 19/07

Implemented a society management system for all jobs (mechanic, police, ambulance)

We have reworked the dealership menu’s with new, smoother and better coded versions