Voice won't broadcast in FiveReborn

I have a Turtle Beach P11 headset that works perfectly fine with any game including GTA:V. My PC and Steam settings both are working correctly with my headset and mic. The issue is, when playing FiveReborn I can hear everyone and I can hear myself, but no one else can hear me at all. My voice is not broadcasting.

Some have said I need to know what my “Push to Talk” button is, and I do, mine is “N”. But my Steam is setup to automatically transmit my voice without having to use a push-to-talk button. But I have tried the push-to-talk button and still nothing.

This issue is only on FiveReborn. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing FiveReborn three different times with no luck. All ports that are needed are port forwarded. I’m running out of things to try. I’ve even asked if there is some special mod I need to install to get voice-chat working and everyone says no.

Please help! Thank you.