Everytime I Try To Put exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg at the top of the server this goes to the top set sv_listingIPOverride “server ip” and exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg is under it and permissions dont work (using zap hosting)

I hope someone at least makes a pull request for Tuners DLC

i think vespura will

Hey man my buddie and I are starting a server and we are having a problem within vMenu where it shows all players as “Player 1, Player 2” instead of their actual steam names. Can anyone help me out with this problem or know a fix?

For the Vmenu for like redzone serevrs how do u customize the vmenu

does this vMenu come with coordinates??

So somepeople can use the perms that are setup with the vmenu but some cant even when having the same role [using Discordaceperms]

how to solve

is there a to freeze player for staff???

Yes. Misc, dev options