show me a screenshot of your vMenu folder.

Menu not showing up when i Press M.
I tried putting it on F9 but no luck.

Hey could you please add a bodyguard spawning feature? or at least make another release for it? I know its asking for a lot but i really want bodyguards but no one seems to have made a bodyguard spawning menu for fivem (serverside that is) and it’d be great if i could pick what ped spawns, not just a clone of myself.


Maybe in the future, but not in any of the first new updates that I’ve planned. Add it to the list here: https://github.com/TomGrobbe/vMenu/issues/115


Thanks for considering it! will do.

vMenu v2.1.0 Changes

Added permissions:

  • vMenu.OnlinePlayers.Identifiers
  • vMenu.MiscSettings.DriftMode

Added convars (config options):

  • setr vmenu_server_info_message "About this server, discord: vespura.com/discord"
  • setr vmenu_server_info_website_url "www.vespura.com"
  • setr vmenu_teleport_to_wp_keybind_key 168 # 168 / F7 by default
  • setr vmenu_disable_spawning_as_default_character false


  • Fixed snowball pickup animations & notifications.
  • Improve GetUserInput function.
  • Converted vMenu to MenuAPI.
  • Remove NativeUI.
  • Fixed spectating.
  • Added tattoos to the MP Character creator menu.
  • Weapon wheel is now disabled while the menu is open and using the scrollwheel on the mouse to scroll through the menu. If you press TAB or use the controller then you can still switch weapons.
  • Fix a lot of bugs (most of them were introduced after converting to MenuAPI initially, but also some bugs prior to that have been fixed).
  • Cleanup and remove a lot of dead/old/unused code.
  • Added a ‘print identifiers’ button to the online players menu.
  • Added a ‘set custom speed limit’ option for the vehicle speed limit feature.
  • A lot of internal/structural changes to classes like Common Functions and other parts of the code that get used a lot.
  • Added a new info button for server owners to configure their own server name, website, etc inside the about menu. No this will not change the menu name from the player name to your custom name, and I will not add that either.
  • Implement keybinds. (See Misc Settings > Keybinds Menu).
  • Add drift mode keybind.
  • Add teleport to waypoint keybind.
  • Set the player back into their vehicle if they changed from ped model/skins.
  • Restore armor whenever a player switches ped models/skins.
  • Add a depreciated notification to the Save Ped function whenever a MP Ped is saved.
  • Hide the radar/minimap when the MP Character Creator is open.
  • Add missing user defaults for keybind options.
  • Change ‘max armor’ into a list containing multiple armor types/stages (no armor, light armor, standard armor, etc).
  • Fix teleport into vehicles when using ‘Teleport Into Player Vehicle’ in the Online Players menu.
  • Fix bullet proof tires bug.
  • Add new DLC vehicles, they are not available in-game yet but once they are then vMenu will already support them.
  • Added some hardcoded debug permissions for myself. All you need to do to remove this (if you don’t want me to help you out in case you have problems with vMenu) is remove the line containing vMenu.Dev from the default permissions.cfg. All this does is give me access to debugging commands for whenever debugging is required on the server itself. It does not give me any permissions outside of vMenu. You can checkout the features affected here. This vMenu.Dev permission will only work for my identifier, so it won’t work if you give that to someone random.
  • Change the ‘Kill Player’ option in the Online Players menu. This will now notify the person of whoever pressed the Kill Player button.
  • The NoClip menu is now no longer visible when you activate NoClip. You’ll get a notification whenever you use it explaining the new interface.
  • Fix some user defaults not getting saved correctly.
  • Fixed saved vehicles crashing the game (bug introduced after converting to MenuAPI, this was not an issue before in any production version of vMenu and only affected the dev builds).
  • Switch to Appveyor for all future GitHub deployments and dev builds. This replaces travis completely.
  • Fix location & coordinates drawing. And move back the time display to it’s old location. (It’s still a separate toggle though.)
  • The menu now works correctly both left and right aligned. You can now instantly switch between left/right menu alignment by toggling the option in the Misc Settings menu.
  • Fix the ‘look at’ function myself in vMenu’s code by changing parameters, since the PR that fixes that has not been build on the FiveM production channel yet (at the time of that commit).
  • Re-add the notification for whenever you try to exit the MP Character creator without saving.
  • README.md has been changed slightly.
  • Fix rare weapon attachments bug that was randomly introduced without the code for it every changing. Most likely something internally in GTA (or maybe even FiveM, doubt that though) has changed that broke vMenu’s previous setup. All data related to weapons has now been refactored, reworked and should be a lot better now. Also removed duplicate entries and reduced memory usage because of this.
  • Change some descriptions, and other text entries in the menu.
  • Add a Remove All Tattoos button to the tattoos menu.
  • Renaming a saved MP Character now puts the old name in the input box by default. Which should help you change any typos or other small name changes.
  • Fix changing wheel type resetting menu index.
  • Fix window tint showing as ‘Green [7/7]’ when it should have been ‘Stock [1/7]’.
  • Add FPS warning for Show Location option. It’s laggy as hell and I can’t fix it.
  • Properly fix picking up snowballs.
  • Added a ‘default character’ option. Go to your ‘Saved Characters’ in the MP Characters menu and select ‘Set As Default Character’ on one of them. Next time you (re)spawn you’ll be spawning as that character automatically. Server owners can disable this feature globally on the server by setting a convar. Players can disable this themselves in the Misc Settings menu by toggling the Spawn As Default Character checkbox.
  • Added a system that will cleanup old/unused KVP entries.
  • Add a ‘dump’ command for debugging purposes. Which dumps all vMenu data on the client side in the client console. (/vmenuclient dump :warning: it can cause lag spikes!).
  • Other small UX improvements in multiple places, too much to list here all individually.

And of course made sure this menu is still snailsome! :mascot:

Download here


sorry gotta wait too be able to get it for you… i have it stopped for now

Thanks for another solid update, I know a lot of people on Velocity appreciate the MP customization, myself included!


these are the photos

ok i fix the problem but now the FPSis buzzing around with a resource timer image

Me and my friend have found a bug with the newest update. The show speed option in Misc settings shows KM/H for both the KM/M and MPH option.

Having a problem with the new release. Not sure if it’s related to the change to mAPI or what, but never had this issue with the old versions.

If it makes a difference I am on an ultra-wide monitor. Any ideas?


This is a big yikes, is this a local issue or wot it happened when my anti virus deleted FiveM :smiley: I have reinstalled fivem 3 times aswell.


So…question for you guys who have this running…:
I am not seeing that the Docs were updated, which is fine and all. I am just having an issue getting it working, so help is appreciated.
Which folders do I put in the resources folder and start?

The menu key for vrp stops working with vMenu 2.1.0… configured from scratch with the provided permissions.cfg… Downgraded to 2.0.0 for now…

when i start with vMenu it causes high FPS realy high to the point you cant move

Must be due to errors in the console every frame.

I need one of the main vMenu folder. You seem to have uploaded 2 screenshots of the same folder.

Very strange as nothing even changed I’ll look into it.

Someone else had this issue on 21:9 aspect ratio. Switching to 16:9 fixed it. I have no idea how to fix this atm. As I can’t test on such resolution with that aspect ratio myself.

I doubt this is vMenu related.
Create a technical support topic and provide the info requested in the format. Maybe an element can check it.

I always update the docs before releasing the new update. Clear your browser cache in that case.

Nothing changed, so not vMenus issue.

Must be crashing/printing a fuck ton of errors in the console every frame. Provide a log.

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what are these console errors and how do i fix it and

I don’t know, you tell me. You must have them if you press f8 because there’s no way vMenu takes 368 ms.

ok il have a look and let you know