Vmenu Problems

Hello! So me and the owner of our FiveM server is having problems with the Vmenu. We’re currenlty wanna have snow on our server due to its Winter time and snow is fun… But for some reason we dont have the Snow alternativ in the Vmenu under Weather… Do anyone know how to fix it? or another way to get snow on the server??

Are you using vMenu permissions, you could have the snow option disabled in there, or your permissions might oppose your ability to see the snow option.

Idk thats the problem… The only thing I know is that the snow option is enabled… I think XD

Do you see snow, on the map?

you can use a vSync mod to make a snow map.

the command is /weather xmas
setup an ACE permission in server cfg so you can use this command, or type it in your txAdmin if u use that

No, There is no snow atall

For some reason when I try this it aint working

does it shows anything in chat? or its just doesn’t work at anything?

It doesnt work at all

write me on discord: gydronwa
i’ll help you with that