VIVR UI Framework


VIVR UI Framework

  • VIVR is a lightweight great looking UI Framework that will be easier for developers to build menus using functions and it will be easier for players to interact with menus.

Demo Videos:


  • None.


  • All menus are synced with restarts.
  • Supports Dark/Light Mode and automatically save choice when the player left.
  • Supports Icons.
  • Easy to use for developer/player.
  • Configurable menus.
  • Supports all languages.
  • Compatible with any FiveM Framework.
  • Protected by FiveM Asset Escrow.
  • Button configurable:
    • Lock/unlock button.
    • Ability to Style button from one of 5 different styles and can add custom styles.
    • Trigger function on click button.
    • Ability to change text and text size.
    • Ability to delete the button.
    • Ability to make the button close the menu after clicking it.


  • VIVR Framework [Menu Opened] 0.00-0.01ms.

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Share your suggestions!

  • More features are coming, if you have suggestions about the framework share them!