Virzza's LSPD Pack Lights not working

So for my Police RP server I am using Virzza’s LSPD Pack, The Charger & Crown Vic lights work but the Explorer’s lights are all over the place (like its running a different model). Can someone please tell me whats wrong with what i’m doing.


Where i put my files:

Try 1: \FiveReborn\citizen\dlc\dlc_mpChristmas2
Try 2: \FiveReborn\citizen\dlc\dlc_mpheist

I am streaming vehicles server side.

can someone either tell me what I am doing wrong and/ or send me a working carvariations.meta that comes with the pack-


the meta itself might need to be worked on or you might be using other files like carcols that could change the look also i would try the new explorer by hurk 2016 w HQ interior