so during my installation my anti virus killed the connection. It said I was getting a rootkit gen [rtk]

The FiveReborn error code was something along the lines of

Downloading of failed with CURLcode 0x38

And no I don’t trust you enough to shut off my anti virus to install this mod. That’s not an option.

Wich Anit-Virus do you have?

False positives. Your own decision to make.

@Boss Avast!

@kanersps yeah false positives are an unfortunate reality, how can I confirm if it is or isn’t without putting my system at risk?

@Jones31 malwarebytes is pretty good and Windows defender. There are also some online tools you can try.

If you want to be absolutely sure open it in SandBoxie.

Thats your own decision, I got it to with avg, and smartscreen. Just how the definitions detect things. Its safe, but up to you. We cant fix that

The reputation of the previous mod is a bit shakey (FiveM) and if my understanding is correct, the devs from FiveM have created this mod here, fiveReborn.

I’m sure you can understand my hesitation.

@Jones31 That is about the Angry Planes mod?

@Jones31 angry planes you idiot

No shit its angry planes, the point is that if it can happen in one mod it can happen in other mods.

I realize its my own choice but even adding fivem to exception lists is not working, I’ve given up and came back to it about month ago and I still can’t get my anti virus to leave it alone.

As said previously it is your choice if you want to ignore what your antivirus is saying but with it being an open source project and so many people playing i would hazard a guess that you’ll be alright. As for your anti-virus maybe disable it temporarily so that it can do what it needs to do like downloading the necessary assets be it launchers, mod code, dll’s.

Its almost like your not reading.

Yes I get its my choice to ignore it. But I physically cannot ignore it. Adding it to the exception list doesnt work it still keeps popping off and deleting the program. I changed my settings to add exception it wont add it to the list (I’ve worded this differently twice now)

I changed my anti virus software to ask me before moving items to the chest and yet it still goes to the chest every time.

I disabled my antivirus while installing, but as soon as I launch the game it alarm bells go off again. I’m not going to put my whole system at risk just so I can play game. (Not saying the mod is a virus, but that leaves the window open without a screen. Perhaps that is a metaphor we can understand)

What fucking shitty anti virus is that. Put that trash off your system

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How is it everyone else can manage these things but you? If it was a virus do you think there would be so many people using it?.

Its simply a false positive, make sure you are adding the whole fivem folder to the exceptions not just the Fivem.exe.

If you don’t trust… Play another game or another Mod.