Video recordings allowed on FiveM servers?

Hello There!
I’m on FiveM servers a lot, and would like to cut together some videos for YouTube from the footage I’ve already collected. Now I have seen that some servers have a paragraph in their “server rules” that forbids to publish video recordings without the consent of the respective projects.

Now it is often the case that team members so-called “administrators” etc. abuse their rights while I am recording, and a project manager of a server has forbidden me to publish the video after watching it.
It is very embarrassing for these server leaders when you see their team members or the server/project leaders themselves going into roleplay situations and then abusing admin rights.

I have now read the Service Agreement and could not find anything regarding video and audio.

**Is there anyone here who knows more about this? Can a server manager forbid me to make video and audio recordings and publish them? **
Has this been regulated somewhere by Cfx itself?
Can I get in legal trouble if I record the server leaders?

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your responses

I think this really depends on the country/city your from. For me (The Netherlands) your not allowed to publish any Video or Audio recordings of other people without their consent. By video they mean Real Life footage. I can’t imagine not being able to upload your footage because some Game Character walked by. So in my case as long as you mute the Voices your should be fine. But as i said this is different for every country/city.

I mean…there’s an entire niche on YouTube dedicated to making fun of bad server owners. While it’s not something I would call “good content”…or “content”, but legal trouble is a big stretch.

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Sounds like a ridiculous rule. I’d stay well away from servers with that rule; any advertising is free advertising, whether good or bad, and if they have that rule, without even joining it, my first impression that the server, owner, and staff, are full of themselves.