Vehicles with Badges?

So I’ve been following along with the recent news about FiveM/Rockstar Announcing that We are not allowed to use Branded Vehicles with Any type of Badges or Emblems on them that Show the Car Brand, Make or Model.

With that being said, before this announcement came to my knowledge I had purchased a large amount of vehicles from a Developer who was having a 93% off Sale. Now that I am approaching the launch date of my server one of the last things on my list is dealing with the vehicles I have that have been purchased that are not “Generic” and have Badges and Emblems…

With that I went to the Discord for said Developer and asked if they would be releasing a “Generic” version, since I had just purchased these vehicles and don’t want my money going to waste, and essentially what I was told was that FiveM/Rockstar has been saying this for ages, and that they really have no problem with the cars having badges or emblems its brand names like Starbucks and Amazon and things of that nature…

Just wanted to get some input… Please see attached screenshot from my conversation in the General Section of the Developers Discord from this evening (Date: 1/21/2023 Approx. 8:30pm EST)

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Interested to see the answer also