Vehicles don't spawn in?

Hi there, so I recently added a new resource named “vehiclemods”. I have the “Stream” folder and the “__resource.lua” file. But when I go in game, and I want to spawn one of the modded police vehicles it doesn’t load in/spawn in. All it does is get rid of my textures in game and all I see is no roads, and it’s pretty much just grey all around. I’m not sure if I have too many vehicles, but I don’t think the case considering the fact that the GEC-AST server has a lot of cars. If there is something I need to do to have my server run multiple modded cars please let me know or if I did something wrong. Also, if you need any of my server files screenshots just let me know. Thanks for your help!

Show us the filepath’s you use and screenshots of the server config, server overview and the folder.

Your texture files are too high most likely i had the same problem if ur using custom skins that are 4k or 2k try resizing the files some models are just too high quality to try to stream 4k textures on them thats what fixed my game :slight_smile:

@Amarte It worked! Thanks so much man, it’d be great if you could help me with some things on my server I’d really appreciate it. If not, I understand but if you would like to help me out my Skype is: nativexperience.alex Thanks again! :smiley:

@officer246 Come join our discord and i might be able to help.

@officer246 okay well just message me with whatever u need help with lol

@Amarte I actually got everything and my server running thanks to Eric’s help, I appreciate your texture support though.