Vehicle Tuner Looking For Work

Developer looking to become part of a GTA RP server community that is in need of custom vehicle tuning.

  • Familiar with installation and fine tuning of add-on vehicles
  • Able to custom tune for realism in driving as well as racing
  • Custom race tuning: each add-on car will retain its own unique feel, but all cars will be able to compete and hang in a race together
  • Custom textures and options for some add-on vehicles via GIMP to help make your servers vehicles unique to your server
  • Custom liveries for unlocked add-on vehicles

If you have an established, engaged team of people, and an up and running GTA RP server and need vehicles balanced to your specifications, I have approximately 1 year of experience as a vehicle developer/tuner, and several years of GTA RP experience

If interested, please DM