Vehicle Slot Not Working

Hey all,

I am having a tough replacing policeold1 slot in the game. For every other law enforcement slot, I am able to replace with vehicle and all of the lights work properly. But for some strange reason, this slot won’t work for lights. I have used tahoes and explorers from other slots and they still don’t work even when they work in another slot. Any ideas as to why that would be?

Might be due to the model your replacing it with. If this is an ELS model it won’t work. If it isn’t, it might be a vehicle that requires custom clientsided .meta files. I’d like to refer to your other topic on how to solve this.

Is it just the emergency lights that are not working? If so, you need to change the siren setting in the carvariations.meta file. Policeold1 uses the old rotary style lights, and not the new LED ones. Any model that uses LED’s would not work in that slot.