[Vehicle] [PAID] Civ Vehicle - 2019 Pandem Polestar One

2019 Polestar One / / / Pandem

Purchase Here : 5 USD + Any Tebex Sale Fee's

NOTE More Photos And Info Below

Vehicle Includes:

Custom Bodykit
Custom Rims
Custom Handling
Hands On Wheel
Air Ride

Other Work!

Union Undergrounds / / / MLO - 25$ USD
Outcast Racing HQ / / / MLO - 35$ USD
2021 Nissan 400Z G.O.M. Styling - 25$ USD
Hayes Auto’s 2021 Revamp - 10$ USD
Autopia Parkway Repair Shop - 15$ USD
2021 Benny’s Overhaul - 10$ USD


Do the tires clip through the chassis/body when going over curbs/bumps, etc? Seems like a common problem with cars that sit that low

No, It raises up when you start driving thats what my “Air Ride Feature is”

Oh, okay. That’s good. There’s no explanation in the original post so thanks for taking the time

Beautiful car, may I know the poly / vert count?

Thank you.

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Only have the Tri count on hand its 250k