Vehicle Mods Error

hello, I created a folder named “customvehicles,” added the auto start soon after added a vehicle, I get on my server, open the five menu reborn, create it and an error occurs and the game crashes

Did you remember the “__resource.lua” file?

if the server starts with no error showing in the conzole it probly is a bad custom mesh vehicle alwys chack your model if ther no addons needed befor instaling it and be sure if it crashes to read if the client gives you a error and write the model files down and be sure if your using a custom model for vehicle stream to only ad cars that only use the same files as the origenal custom parts and stuf neet to be added client side aswel and you only can stream the basic file types to the client of your users and not the custom files and if you dont have the client sided files instalt it craches the game with out showing error’s and be sure to not mod to mutch cars at the same time so you can alwys replace the old files back so i hope you stil have an back up to restor if you did to mutch mods at 1ns becos 1 bad modle can be the problem. or som custom modle that needs addon parts and if the client dos not seport it you and your users from the server are gone crache evrytime.