Vehicle meta files (last DLC)

Hi there FiveM friends.

I was looking for a resource that provided me with the latest vehicle meta files, however i was not able to find an up to date version so i decided to export all the files, and made a script that did that for us!
I then bundled it to a resource so its ready for use.

This resource file includes the following files in a clean and structured format, organized by the handling name/model name of the vehicles:

  • vehicle.meta
  • carcols.meta
  • handling.meta
  • carvariations.meta

I will not be providing any sort of support on the topic, i’m just releasing it in the current state so that you aswell can do some happy vehicle modding :slight_smile:

  1. Tutorial on Vehicles.meta: [Tutorial] | Vehicles.meta | Forums This tutorial will guide you through the essentials of working with the vehicles.meta file. It explains how to customize various attributes such as acceleration, top speed, handling, and more. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to create unique and realistic vehicles in GTA V.

  2. Tutorial on Handling.meta: [Tutorial] | Handling.meta | Forums In this tutorial, you’ll gain insights into modifying the handling.meta file, which allows you to fine-tune vehicle performance. Learn how to adjust suspension, braking, and traction to achieve the perfect driving experience in the game.

Have a good one! (3.2 MB)


I know its many years after you did this but you’ve just saved me a ton of time! Thanks!

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Non worries buddy, glad i could contribute!

You are the best buddy. Like fAnTATaps said, you save a lot of my time. Thank you.

could be a bit of a stupid question, but, do i need to make a stream folder for this and find all of the ytd and yft files for the vehicles? if so, does anybody have a link for them, if there is one? or how do i go about getting them?

Its already Drop ready :smiley:

is there anyway you may have time to update it once more :smiley: i mean if you or someone else have time im only used to addon vehicles but since fivem have become something else even i gotta evolve :smiley: Would be super grateful or if you can point some fingers to where you find those or even if theres an tutorial some where i mean its a little over a year old now :smiley: so its atleast 2-3 updates away and i really want to atleast enjoy custom engine sound :smiley:

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I may make another release soon, but i am quite busy with work and the development of my own server atm :frowning:

Would Be legendary browsed lots of stuff but my open 4 cant use the search function :smiley: so its kinda messa going through them all :smiley: i get you very well on devolopment and work :smiley: sometimes i wished i had atleast an secondary staff and dev to help out for the server since its growing everyday :smiley: just take your time :smiley: best Wishes LyrixZ

would be a godsend to have this again, was such a nice thing to have.

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indeed :smiley:

do u know where i can find the vanilla driftzr350 handling file from?

any change you have this for the newest gta version?