Vehicle Make Names

Hey there since a few things changed and i have seen a few Creator coming up with their own Names i would love to have every Server owner to Help me change this so we all as a Community come together and do something about it… tbh i see it coming that we have a sh+t ton of different Make Names then and we as Server Owners have a hard time sorting them in our Vehicleshops…

i personally would love to make a Discord Server where we can invite as many ppl as possible to Make “Community” Names then the Community can Deside which name would replave BMW as example and the Creators could use them to make their Vehicles on the Brands.

There are many inteligent ppl out there which will surely come up with good Names and Logo Designs…

So help me pls in making this since i alone cant do much or rather close to nothing.

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Renaming Cars won’t do anything. You need to remove them from your server.

Removing the badges won’t do anything. You need to remove them from your server.

There is no point in renaming them or debadging them, eventually, you’ll either be detected or reported, and your server will have to remove them anyways, or you will get shut down.

Not if the models are different… aslong as the Vehicles just look like the RL ones with a few differences its fine. R* does the same so there isnt any copyright anymore since everyone has its own version of it. If it would be different R* or cfx should make that very clear in a Post

If you’re just renaming files from BMW to “VNQ” and keeping the model the same, then it’s not going to be different enough. The car models would need to be significantly modified.

I just wrote about if the models are different lol


We must above all give a date with all the creator of sever and fight this because I find this unacceptable we are freer and no one says anything rockstart network you will lose your community

Well we cant do anything about it. R* and FiveM are just saving their asses now since they are now one big “Company” or so.

Neither of us do have the Rights to use the Real Vehicles in their Original Glory since everything about them is Copyrighted.

In Case BMW would make the same Vehicle as Audi, Audi could sue them for using their Vehicles Design.

Its not R* or anyone elses fault that Copyright got “invented”.
CopyRight is actually a good thing imagine you make something really nice and sell it for 10$ and someone else does the same thing but sells it for 5$ would suck right ?

We are still able to make the Same vehicles just change them a little bit :smiley: like R* themself does.

I don’t see what copyright has to do with it.
everything on a meta we are talking about a game not reality its simply a story of money it advertises for the brands, I don’t see what bothers in itself the rockstar it kills FiveM and it’s real j I invested in a server more than 4000 dev not me and a colleague in the end it was not a pay to win but now that we can no longer do a store it would surprise me if the players participate in donation, We will not put a sultan in the store what’s the use lol in these cases we can no longer put Youtube music like a Good ACDC on the IG radio otherwise Copyright we fall on our heads all the taxes that tebex has can take us, but hey let it be for you walk on it, no one is going to make a server anymore Rockstar should never have bought FIVEM because they do whatever we are talking about a modded game guys not the game itself in short wake you up LET YOU DON’T DO IT!!!