Vanilla RedM freeroam features

Hi, this may be a silly question, but I have never played RDR or RDR2, but bought RDR2 on steam sale to check out RedM. Have a server up and running, connect, and walk around. My question is, what is there to do in a Vanilla RedM server? Any hostiles out there to fight? Or will I need to initiate a fight? There will be bears etc… as well as hostile indians?
I realize there are no quests or anything to do in vanilla (from what I can tell), but was curious what is there to do. Im not into RP., so that is why I ask. Any cool scripts to enliven the vanilla freeroam?
Though if there are some RP resources out there that will help, would use them too.


I think Vanilla Freeroam in RedM is much like Vanilla Freeroam in FiveM. I’m sure there would be some random ways to irritate the locals and stir up trouble but it would be few in far between when you think about the population density of the map and how big it is. You would for sure need some scripts to liven it up but you may be better off playing freemode on actual RDR2 if you’re looking for shoot em up style gameplay right out the gate or trying to find a server on RedM that has what you’re looking for.

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