Van Horn Lighthouse

Van Horn Lighthouse

This ressource enables the Van Horn Lighthouse. On a clear sky it can even be seen from saint denis !

A horn can be enabled or disabled in the config. It will play every x seconds (setting in config) if the player is close enough to the lighthouse.(distance can also be set in the config.lua)

The lighthouse will automatically activate itself at night


1 - Check that your keymaster account is linked to your server

2 - Download sirevlc_lighthouse and interact sound (this one should be in the mail that tebex sent you)

3 - Place the sirevlc_lighthouse and interact-sound into your server ressources.

4 - In your ressources.cfg or server.cfg add these lines :

ensure interact-sound

ensure sirevlc_lighthouse

4 - Enjoy !


One of the frameworks listed below:



Get it on tebex !

Locked Files

All files are locked except the config.lua

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~200
Requirements listed frameworks and ressources
Support Yes