Van Horn doctor MLO

Van Horn doctor MLO is my first original creation :slight_smile:

! Price Lowered // 10% OFF until Mar 12, 2023 with the code “Sevenlife10” !

ENG: The old shop "Shubert and rugs " has now become a doctor’s office, it gives a little love to this bandit town that is Van Horn !

FR: Le vieux magasin "Shubert and rugs " est maintenant devenuun cabinet de médecin, cela apporte un peu de LOVE à cette ville de bandit qui est Van Horn !

ENG: A fully brand new handmade interior and exterior using the vanilla building, doors have unique ID if you want to lock them, all the ID’s are inside the note :slight_smile:

FR: Un interieur et un exterieur complètement original basé sur le batiment du jeu d’origine, les portes ont des ID unique si vous souhaitez les verrouiller, les ID’s sont dans la note :slight_smile:

(Important: Edited collision from Van Horn town to make this building possible : jklm_15_18_area_lod_combine_collision_0.ybn and [email protected]_15_18_area_lod_combine_collision_5.ybn )
Video : HERE
Tebex: HERE

**Thanks to all of wonderful people of CodeWalker discord, my new familly The MLO HUB <3 and Marish to letting me know of a little copy pasta issue :stuck_out_tongue: **

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Requirements Any Framework
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Your link is to an armadillo package. :slight_smile:

Indeed ! It was a bad copy pasta :confused: thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Price drop ! and a extra 10% OFF until Mar 12, 2023 with the code “Sevenlife10” !

Very nice work @SevenLife_On_Air! :slight_smile: first of many!!

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Thanks you my friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Really nice map!

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