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Welcome to Valkyrie our serious roleplay server on FiveM, where every decision you make can mean life or death. Immerse yourself in a dynamic world where law enforcement and criminal enterprises constantly struggle for dominance.

On our server, you will immerse yourself in a meticulously designed cityscape, filled with opportunities and dangers around every corner. Whether you’re a hardened criminal looking to forge your empire or a dedicated law enforcement officer striving to uphold justice, your decisions will determine the course of the city’s destiny.

Engage in intense negotiations, thrilling car chases, and fast-paced shootouts as you navigate the complex web of alliances and rivalries that define our server’s ever-changing ecosystem.

Currently, our Police Department is undergoing a fast-paced intake system which offers those who have proven Fivem or Real Law Enforcement experience (UK/US), All you will need is some sort of evidence of your Fivem LEO experience (Real-life experience nothing is needed to prove, just what state/country you serve in, Thank you for your service of course) and a verbal interview with a member of high command. After your interview, you will need a one-hour ride-along with a senior member of the department to ensure experience and professionalism is guaranteed from yourself.

This is an exciting opportunity for those choosing to switch cities into a serious city and a serious police department that will protect and serve the streets of Valkyrie. WE WANT YOU!!!

If you want to take your experience to the next level and up your game within Law Enforcement! Join the discord Below! Valkyrie RP (Open a ticket and request to speak with the Assistant Chief of Police L.Harris)

We hope you take this awesome opportunity!

JOIN US - Valkyrie RP

The city currently offers!

-Gang on Gang RP
-Civilian Jobs - Electrician, Binman, Construction, business owner etc
-Lots to find out in the city!
-Brilliant Economy
-Whitelisted Police Department!

Signed on behalf of the Los Santos Police Department and staff of Valkyrie RP,
Assistant Chief of Police


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