Using HTML, images and blips in scaleform/texts

GTA scaleforms like notifications, subtitles and help texts support various of stuff like html and images for example check this images of them all combined

They support some kind of HTML, you can use for example <C>text here</C> but also stuff like <FONT color='#25566'> to use more colors than only basic ~r~ and ~g~ for example

It will look something like this


You can also use <img src='' to show images, this works with texture dicts so first request it using


And after you can use it like this

<img src='img://Epsilon_Cars/Eps3Vacca' height='128' width='244'/>


OpenIV can be used to find them

becomes Epsilon_Cars/Eps3Vacca

Blips can be used in helptext (not notifications) (subtitles are buggy) and it will be like this

They can be shown using ~BLIP_id~ like ~BLIP_135~ for the cinema for a full list of blips check

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Also the comments contain some usefull stuff by illusive too :smile:

EDIT 1: list of lot of stuff supported by scaleforms

EDIT 2: Also works with mugshots if you do like img://pedmugshot_34/pedmugshot_34 for example



Also note you can change the font too, i will find the list i made a while back



used with <FONT FACE='fontid'>


Heres also all of the parameters ive found for the img stuff:
<img src='img://txd/id' vspace='0' hspace='0' width='' height=''/>

there’s probably more, but yeah

also note <br/> works too


thank u :heart:

Does it work with GC phone?

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How I can use this in NUI ? Nui have error

GET img://pedmugshot_34/pedmugshot_34 net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

You can’t, these assets are only accessible from ingame scaleform

Didn’t know about the blips (~BLIP_id~) thanks for that!

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Never thought about that, let’s see

Just tried it, doesn’t seem to work with blips but images work





You are too cool for the ~BLIP_135~ see you at the ~BLIP_121~

Other stuff (which was already known):


so i can use custom font with <FONT FACE='fontid'> right ?
i try <FONT FACE='Times'> but it only display squard

Sir can you help me ?!

I don’t think works on blips, to get the first TEST i did <C>TEST</C>

It work. i try with <FONT color='#25566'> and it work. i dont know why but it not work with the <FONT FACE='fontid'>

any idea sir?

Like I said font face doesn’t work in blip names

When using blips on help notifications how do you set the blip colour? As shown in the provided screenshot with the cinema blip.

Might be a custom blip texture, but AFAIK blips use the current text color, so you just color the text then use the blip.

But how about doing a picture on screen? Might you show me an example code?